Management Information System Directorate

Web Management System V.2.0

Web Management System has an infrastructure that ensures the control of the main website and sub websites within the University, and enables updating and accelerates renewal of these sites.

This system allows academic or administrative units to generate their own content (courses, faculty members, syllabi, news, announcements, etc.) and put it on data base. The web pages have access to these contents through this database, and any updates by Web Management System would reflect to web pages instantly.  This software would allow generating desired number of web sites, and desired number of language support would allow easy management.  

Web Management System Benefits:

  • The person who will add the dynamic content (secretary, assistant, student, etc.) will not have to know concepts such as HTML, Web-editor, FTP, etc. Therefore, one doesn’t have to be dependent upon the people who prepare the pages of the departments. Anybody who knows the username and the password will be able to have an access to the pages. It is not necessary to use the FTP to edit each page any longer.
  • The control and update of the data on the web pages will be done by related units only and the same data will not exist in more than one sub-site. Likewise, obsolete and non-existent data will not exist in the site any longer.
  • The fact that each content comes from the data base will ensure the better classification of “Search” function on the main page of the university and it will also make it work more effectively.
  • The standardisation and optimisation of structures that can be used in more than one site (Curriculum, Syllabus, Staff)
  • Security and control
  • Modularity
  • Features such as search, log, statistics, archives due to the dynamic structure
  • “Sites” that exist independently of design

There might be a concern that all the sub sites may look alike, however, having same structures and organizations does not necessarily mean same designs for the web sites. On the contrary, there will be a unified design in general since there will be a specific theme among all the websites.



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