Management Information Systems Directorate

About Us

Management Information Systems Directorate - formerly Web Administration Office - was founded in May 2006 under the supervision of the Rectorship due to more and more increasing needs of Izmir University of Economics for Web solutions. Right after its foundation it applied its administration system which especially administers lesson schedules of the academic units on the web pages, information on lessons and academic staff. Management Information Systems Directorate is still developing important projects such as OASIS and administering it. It is also meeting the web-technological needs of our university in the best way possible.

Management Information System Directorate is getting even more effective through the new staff that joined it in 2010 and it was named first Students Administration Information System Office and later renamed Management Information System Directorate by the Rectorship and so developed its vision. Our office which meets the needs of our university for information systems, will be, from now on, called as stated above and it will keep on presenting web solutions with the Web Administration Unit that it comprises.

Other Duties

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