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Academic Personnel Information System, which is a significant instalment of our Web Management System, is a web portal that includes Academic Personnel information provided at the University Main Web site and other Faculty/Department/Research Centres’ Web sites.

The Academic Personnel Information System (, where similar systems to this system are being used at many universities nationally and internationally, has the following features:

This system serves through a portal. Searching based on name, title, academic studies, etc. is possible. There are statistics at the front page. (For example, the most looked up article, faculty member, the department with the most publications, etc.)

It will be enough for the academic personnel to enter some of the contents to OASIS after YOKSIS integration is provided (There have been contacts with the unit that prepared YOKSIS system regarding this issue).

The information here will be retrieved online from the Academic Activities list, Courses, and Human Resources modules within OASIS (Academic Activities Entries are especially important).

It no longer will be necessary to enter academic personnel information by using Staff Panel through Web Management System. 

Academic Personnel Information may be retrieved from this data base automatically and transferred into both faculty/department sites and to ECTS Guide. Therefore, Academic Personnel Information will be at one source and updated at one source.

Academic Personnel Information Web page is easy to remember and access.


The following matters need to be taken into consideration in order for this system to work efficiently:

1- Academic Activities Entry: The academic activity list entry module, before the use of OASIS and transferred to OASIS, has been revised by enabling easy entry of the data. Entering this data is very important in terms of filling the information under “Academic Studies” at personal profile at APIS portal. This information can be entered at OASIS/Profile/Academic Activity menu as previously done before.

2 – Personal Information: The information such as Contact Information, Social Media, Short Resume, and Specialty under APIS personal profile can be entered at OASIS/Profile/Personal Information menu. The picture entry can also be made at this menu. If there is any missing information regarding personal information or other academic information, or if changes are necessary, the relevant faculty secretariats should be contacted. Also, the information regarding academic title, the Faculty/Department, full-time/part-time should be managed by the relevant faculty secretariats.

3- Academic Information Entry: OASIS/Profile/Personal Information menu should be used to enter the information regarding the academic degrees received and their dates, Undergraduate/Graduate/Doctorate degree information.

It is extremely important that all of this information is entered completely and correctly. You can click on APIS Profile link at Social Media section at OASIS/Profile/Personal Information menu in order to check all these entries and view your profile.

This link is usually as follows:

You can have access to Academic Personnel Information System here



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