Management Information System Directorate

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • Making of İzmir University of Economics website that is the mirror of the institutional identity of our university and keeping it update
  • Finding solutions to the needs of web technologies in the whole of our university
  • Organizing the new names of the sub-fields and leading the users in terms of names of the sub-link policies
  • Creating solutions to use İzmir University of Economics web services effectively, taking educational steps to make these solutions easily understandable

Our Vision

  • Following the always developing Internet and web technologies very closely and using these technologies on web pages of our university most effectively
  • Finding web solutions for our aims, sharing those solutions with the people responsible for local websites and, by doing so, having an effect of synergy on our university web pages
  • Sharing the solutions obtained through experiences in web technologies with others on local and international levels



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